Monday, November 17, 2008


From the passage Study Finds Wider Tainting of Deer Body From a Disease ,I learn that the meat of deer with chronic wasting disease has been found to contain the infectious prions that spread the disease, according to a study published today in Science. There is no evidence that chronic wasting disease, which is similar to mad cow disease, has been passed to humans, although it has spread to deer and elk in 11 states and two Canadian provinces.The further research is being doing now.
I don't know where this infectious prison came from, but this event reminds us that these infectious prisons probably spread on other animal and even human. Fortunitely,seldom people eat the meat of deer. I hope that research has more new worth.

Monday, November 10, 2008

my article which I read  today is When Duty Calls:The Value of Voting, Beyond Politics. In recent years psychologist and neuroscientists have tried to get a handle on how people make voting decisions. They have taken brain scans, to see how certain messages or images activate emotion centers. The study and others imply that there is a core of voters who not only turn out at polls but also cast their ballot for the candidate or proposal they believe represents the large good.
In my opinion, people are affected by many elements. From their voting, we can learn their psychological activities.

Monday, November 3, 2008

women insurance

The teacher shared a video about women election in the class today. I find the article called Gouging women on health insurance when I surf the internet.
It says that as tens of thousands of workers lose their jobs, they have to face their insurance problem. As the women workers ,their premiums are controversial. Because many people consider that they don't earn as much as men and it's not equal. But the problem has been solved finally.
In my opinion, we can't just think of women and men's social value from their work time and money. Everyone is equal and they have right to get what they want to.    

Monday, October 27, 2008


These days I am interested in the news about the financial crisis. I read an article about economy.
It said that in the fall of 2008, the credit crunch ,which had emerged a little more than a year before, ballooned  into Wall Street's biggest crisis since the Great Depression. 
This article reminds me of the financial crisis in 1997. At that time Chinese government did well and Chinese economy hadn't been affected deeply by it. Now this financial crisis has an effect on Chinese economy and I wonder what measures the government will take. That is the first reason why I want to learn more about financial crisis.
Second, to be honest I have no idea about the economy. It's a new district ,so I want to learn more about it.      


Now election  is not only  the hot topic in the USA but also in the whole world.I don't think the electing process are familiar to all of us. Electing A President In Plain English is a good way to learn about it. 
From that video,I know that people who are 18 years old can have the right to vote the president in America every 4 years. The state in which a candidate who get the most votes will become the state of that candidate. But they don't elect the president according to the account of the support state in order to keep equality because of limited element such as the amount of people. They divide the state into several districts according the account of population. They count up  the votes according the districts. They elect the candidate who get the most votes from the districts and 2 senators in each state and the first get  the half votes as president. 

Monday, October 13, 2008


I read a piece of news about RA RA RIOT. It's Ra Ra Riot,Recorded Live In Concert.It is a rough and rewarding road for Ra Ra Riot. This bank was formed in 2006. During the two years,the group endured the grueling tour schedule,inflated the expectation from critics and the sudden death of the drummer. But Ra Ra Riot emerged from it. Now, they regroup the band and bring a new album called the rhumb line.I think the band will stretch well in the future.

Monday, September 29, 2008

something about Food For Thohght

I want to talk about FOOD FOR THOUGHT.This passage tells us that different countries have different kinds of food.Food is a good way for people to learn about their country history, culture, tradition and even future.This article gives us examples for the food in America, Iran and France. Chinese food which has its own charactor is very differet these of other parts .Chinese people pay much attention on their food. They consider A kind of food should tastes well,looks attractive and smells well. Any element can not be absent.Before I came to the US,I learned that foreigners think Chinese food is not healthy because they think Chinese put much oil in their food.I thought they were right at that time.But now,I find that Chinese food is both delicious and healthy.Because Chinese know how important the nutrition is. What's more,everyday they spend much time making food.Because it's a kind of culture to have dinner ,together which we call it "DINNER CULTURE".While we 're having dinner ,it's time for us to communicate with each other.Then,food is a broadcaster to share feelings.
From this article , I learn about different countries food.It's a good way to learn about their culture.